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An Ideal Client

An Ideal Client for JC Turner is.... 

  1. Minority-Owned: Is your businesses owned and operated by individuals from underrepresented minority groups, including ethnic, racial, and gender minorities?

  2. in Early-Stage: Is your businesses in it's early stages of development, such as a startup or small enterprise? Are you seeking guidance to establish a strong foundation?

  3. Local and Community-Oriented: Are you deeply rooted in your local community and do you have a strong desire to contribute to the economic growth and well-being of your community?

  4. in a Diverse Industry: We seek clients from retail and service to technology and creative sectors. We seek diversity in our client base.

  5. Passionate and Committed: Are you passionate about your business idea and committed to its success, willing to invest time and effort to achieve your goals?

  6. Open to Guidance: Are you receptive to professional guidance and open to implementing recommendations to improve your business operations?

  7. may be Facing Challenges: Is your business encountering challenges or obstacles related to growth, marketing, operations, funding, or strategy?

  8. may have Limited Resources: Are you operating your business with limited resources, such as financial constraints or time limitations? Would your business benefit from cost-effective and impactful consulting services?

  9. Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion: Do you share our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, valuing the unique perspectives and experiences of all team members?

  10. has Long-Term Perspective: Are you interested in building long-term relationships? Our consulting services can provide ongoing support throughout your business journey.

  11. Innovative and Ambitious: Are you eager to innovate, to adapt to changing market trends, and to explore creative strategies to set your business apart from competitors?

  12. has Strong Work Ethic: Do you demonstrate a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn, collaborate, and put in the effort required to achieve success?

  13. a Good Communicator: Can you effectively communicate your business goals, challenges, and expectations, ensuring a productive consulting partnership?

  14. Local Market Focus: Do you have a focus on your local market and community engagement, aligning with our values as minority business consultants?

  15. Socially Responsible: Do you value social responsibility and aspire to positively impact both your community and your industry?

Then together, we win!

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